Twisp: The Power of Community [Free Admission]


Twisp: The Power of Community is a documentary exploring the people and values that make this tiny town in north central Washington a thriving community, rather than another abandoned farm town or commercialized strip of interstate.

Scenic beauty is definitely part of the appeal. Yet Twisp also displays a “can-do” spirit that encompasses everything from local food to local food for thought. How many towns of 937 fulltime residents boast their own independent radio station, newspaper, playhouse, orchestra, library, and rich array of other cultural options—from primitive skills gatherings to poetry readings?

Though scarred from devastating wildfires two summers running, Twisp has taken charge of its own recovery efforts. Though small, it hasn’t shied away from big issues—like providing affordable housing, child- and elder-care, capital for business start-ups, and negotiating public vs. private land use issues. This film explores the qualities and attributes that help Twisp prosper, rather than dry up or give up.

DIRECTOR: Leslee Goodman