Onscreen Advertising

We harness the power of Hollywood
We harness the power of cinema allowing your business to ride on the coattails of massive Hollywood advertising budgets. Each year Hollywood spends over a BILLION dollars marketing its movies to consumers. Now you can leverage their dollars by advertising your business on the same movie theater screens that the blockbusters play on and at only a fraction of the cost! We will create your digitally animated cinema spot using state-of-the-art technology, digital stills, electronic logo art and catchy background music. We can even produce or use your existing video footage! Your spot will play before every feature film at the location(s) of your choice.
  • 44% of viewers are more likely to remember seeing an ad in the cinema vs. on TV
  • Movies are the #1 leisure activity in the US
  • Moviegoers have discretionary income and are affluent. The median average household income is over $75,000
  • Frequent moviegoers are likely to be early adopters of new products
  • Cinema captivates audiences with a big-screen impact and no remote control or TiVo!
  • Moviegoers are 24X more likely to purchase a product or service that is advertised at the cinema vs a TV Commercial.
  • On average, consumers arrive at the theater 19 minutes ahead of time.
We deliver 35+
Population 35+ attends movies an average of 1.8 times per month
It is compelling entertainment that the whole family can enjoy and tops the list of adult leisure activities even beating out such popular activities as dining out, entertaining friends or relatives at home, and reading books. The cinema audience is unique in that it is attentive, engaged, and comprised of highly desirable, affluent, and well educated consumers who aren’t distracted by telephones, remote-control devices, electronic media, or simply performing household activities away from broadcast media during commercial breaks.
Youth are hard to reach
Traditional advertising is much less effective today. Your customers are avoiding TV, print, radio, and internet ads. They are using Tivo, pop-up blockers, DVDs, and satellite radio as just a few of their avoidance mechanisms.
In contrast, moviegoers are truly engaged. Over 60% of the audience is receptive to the ads and are in a highly receptive state immersed in cinema quality content and surround sound audio. The audience has a 44% higher unaided recall rate than TV, a 70% better brand identification than TV, and 70% higher likelihood to be motivated by the advertisement.
Quick Facts – Research Shows Cinema Engages The Viewer
Cinema advertising reaches those who are traditional media ‘ad avoiders.’ In fact, 28% of frequent moviegoers are ad avoiders resulting in moviegoers being 157% more likely to see ads in cinema compared to other media measured. 91% of moviegoers remember cinema ads unaided up to one week after going to the movies. Moviegoers are more upscale, more technically savvy and better educated than the general population. A valuable target for advertisers seeking a specific and hard to reach consumer.
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